Five Steps to Become Certified Nursing Assistant

Being a registered nurse is a must

Becoming a CNA could be a satisfying step in your career. But why you should certify yourself? The answer is obvious, it’s a must. Being a nurse means you will always be in medical situations whether you help the doctors or take care of the patients. It would help if you learned how to become a CNA. Endeavor is not very difficult, but sometimes you feel that you can hunt for hours on the Internet without access to much important information. Fortunately, the requirements to become a CNA are quite easy to meet. If you meet the requirements, then all you have to do is attend some courses, pass the exams and you are ready to work as a full-time CNA. Your first job as a successful CNA. Here is the complete process step by step.

Certified Nurse is awesome

Be Aware of the Requirements

To work as a CNA, it is essential to meet certain basic requirements. Since accredited service subsidies are a simple function, the requirements are relatively easy to meet. Generally, prerequisites include: If you want to be 18 years old (in some countries you may already be), you can do a criminal check including fingerprints, you currently have a high school diploma or GED, you must pass an illegal drug test. To know the exact requirements, you must contact the relevant office in your state.

Attend Certification Classes

The next step on the road to a CNA is to learn critical skills. Each area requires possible certification, such as enrollment in the required courses on conceptual principles, performing laboratory work and conducting carefully supervised clinical training.

Fortunately, these special courses usually last between four and twenty-five weeks, depending on the type of course you want to do and the program. This means that you can go through the whole process and eventually become a CNA with a project and income in a few weeks. It depends on how this affects the training of Registered Nurse (RN), which can take a long time with your training!

CNA courses, which were traditionally held on-site at a nearby training center, have become much more popular. There used to be only a few schools offering CNA courses online. Today several universities offer CNA courses online. You have to take the courses on your own terms and do not want to commit to them according to a pre-established schedule. This is very good for people who are moving or do not want to go to college.

Sign Up for the Certification Exam

nurseOnce the lessons are over, you must apply for the certification exam. You can do this by contacting the company that conducts the CNA qualification exams in your state. This may vary from country to country, but only two companies take the exams in virtually every state in the United States.

The first company is NNAAP, which conducts audits in twenty-five US states. Next is Prometric, which conducts audits in twelve countries. Once you are fully prepared to pass the certification exam, visit your testing company (Prometric, NNAAP or your country) and publish the program.

Pass the CAN Certification Assessment

When you finally complete the exam, the company that administered the certification exam (such as Prometric or even NNAAP) will rank your test and calculate a score of one hundred. If you pass the exam, they will probably issue your certificate and register your data and certificate identification with the Nursing Service Register of your state.

If you receive a passing score, be sure to register with the Nursing Support Register for your condition, as new companies will use this register to confirm that you are certified and meet all essential requirements to operate as a CNA.

Find a CNA Job

Once the certificate is obtained, and a CNA certification is on your hand, now it’s time to find the CAN job. You can search for this job online at You may also try to call local medical facilities or retirement communities to find out any job offerings. Good luck

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