Month: May 2016

drinkFrom various research studies, a lot of teens enjoy taking sports drinks. These are sweet and energy boosting drinks meant for sports people. The drinks contain both high levels of acids and sugars. This is a combination that could cause damages to the surfaces of the teeth leading to tooth decay. These drinks are known to be poor in nutrients though with immense energy boosters. This could result in weight gain as well as obesity.

There are serious adverse effects of taking sports drinks on teen’s teeth. While the drinks are designed to replenish electrolytes in the body instantly, the drinks come with other ingredients that are not suitable for teenagers. They contain caffeine, electrolytes, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Negative effects sports drinks on teeth

There are a number of adverse effects on teen’s teeth caused by sports drinks. Common dental problems related to these drinks include:

1. Bleeding and toothaches

sports drinksthe high acid levels in sports drinks increases the level of acidity in the mouth. This destroys the various bacteria that works on the food particles in the mouth. This results in enamel damages causing bleeding of the gums and toothaches. Teeth are eroded creating holes that result into toothaches. The amount of sugar in the drinks creates a good environment for bad bacteria to breed. The bacteria eats up the enamel causing bleeding of the gums and toothaches.

2. Tooth decay

Sports drinks are known to cause erosion of the teeth and decay in teens. The drinks have high levels of acid and sugars. The ingredients cause the teeth surface to wear out resulting in decay. The acid erodes the enamel of the teeth thus making them susceptible to cavities. Over time, this causes tooth decay and aches.
Research has shown that the effects of sports drinks on teen’s dental health are irreversible.

3. Erosion of the teeth

Using sports drinks comes with serious negative effects for teens. The drinks have sugars and acid levels that cause serious erosion of the teeth. This causes teeth erosion. After a long use of the drinks, teenagers are known to lose their teeth to erosion. The effects are serious and not likely to regrow once eroded.sports drinks

Teenagers love using sports drinks due to the sweet taste. However, the health implications are adverse. Dental health is negatively affected by using these drinks over a long time. It is advisable that teens minimize or avoid taking sports drinks for quality dental health.